Tim De Cotta


Tim De Cotta is a vocalist, bassist, songwriter and producer who believes in keeping his art pure. Styled in R&B and HipHop, Tim draws influences from artists such as Maxwell, John Legend, Common and Mos Def while styling his bass-playing after the likes of Derrick Hodge and Stuart Zender. Having played with various bands, Tim’s music career constantly gets his hands dirty in musical diversity, pushing the boundaries in writing and production with current bands such as TAJ, L.A.B, neoDominatrix and Kilo Habit.

He is also a sought after sessionist playing, writing, producing and recording with many artistes including Intriguant, The Good Life Project, Evanturetime, Michaela Therese, .gif, Disco Hue, Mars, Inch Chua, Charles J Tan (aka Charles Jedidiah) & Ling Kai over the years.